The Billionaires Temptations - Annalise Wells

The Billionaires Temptations

Hi girls! Here is a preview from my new Series, The Billionaires Temptations. This book is Book 1 and is called “Manic Monday.” It’s the first in the naughty series… I really hope you love it!

   The place looks perfect as always. I love sitting here with my Cuban cigar and a nice sherry. Thank God for small mercies. I had told Kelly that I was going to be late as always. She didn’t deserve me anyway. Her art classes and her picnics with her extended family. What a load of rubbish! Then the galas, the bullshit charity for the blind etc. etc. She wanted credit for all of it. But I knew her true heart. Cold and fucking raw like the heart of an evil man working for the law. She used to be a lawyer. Criminal law. Then she met me and now all she does is absolutely nothing. Just the bullshit social outings that aren’t even real. I really have a passion for disliking her. Especially when she leaves her high heels in the doorway. Fucken unbelievable. The maid looks totally pissed every morning when she arrives.

   There are two other guys here now for our five o’clock. Harry Belford and Sam Tander. They love it here too. The girls have outdone themselves with Tina’s Place, that’s for sure.

“Hi Beau,” says Tina with a cute smile. Her dress is black with rhinestones twinkling to match her eyes.

She’s off limits. She used to work at Lenny’s but she’s dating Orlando Gaze and running this place now. He’s alright I suppose. He has a good eye for women that’s for sure.

“Hi, Tina. You look as beautiful as ever, Darling.” She curtsies as she places a new sherry in my hand.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, you devil. Orlando will be here at nine. Don’t you get fresh with me.” She winks at me, flirting.

She walks off into the distance as I eye the orgy room. There are three girls in there doing a lesbian show. It’s so hot as I watch them grind and finger-fuck each other quickly. Lesbians are so cool. I imagine they are probably bi-sexual. I mean all of them are so damn fine it would be hard not to be attracted to each other, I think.

“Hello gorgeous!” says Shona sitting on my lap in an aqua-blue, silky dress that flows perfectly from her waist and only just covering her secret place.

“Hi, there Monday girl. I’ve missed you, a week is too long.” I look at her perfect cleavage as she licks the back of my ear, erotically.

Fuck, she smells like peaches and cream.

“What are you gonna do to me tonight?” she whispers in my longing ear.

Fuck, I want her right now on this damn velvet chair.

“I want you now, Beau,” she says.