Here is a snippet of my latest book Thirsty Thursday - Annalise Wells

Here is a snippet of my latest book Thirsty Thursday

“Do you have an idea for the new club? It has to be different than theirs, even if the concept is the same,” I ask.

A waiter comes up to the table and places a small pot bottle on the table and two, small, china cups.

“Special compliment of Mr. Yang,” the waiter says.
“What is it? I ask.
“After dinner drink, very nice.”

I look at the waiter and smile. “Yes, but what is it?”

“Osmanthus wine,” he replies, with the same grin Mr. Yang has.
“Okay thanks.” I pick up the small bottle and pour some into the two cups. I pass one to Tina.
“Cheers,” I say.
“Cheers,” she replies.
“This is very sweet,” I say, drinking it all down.
“I think it is just a finishing drink, you are not supposed to drink a lot,” Tina replies. She checks my empty cup. “Orlando!”
Mr. Yang walks back past our table. “I see you have the wine. Very special. Not available everywhere even in China,” he says.
“It is very nice,” Tina says.
Mr. Yang laughs. “Take a bottle with you, drink at home next time your order takeaway.”
I fasten my belt buckle, and we leave the restaurant. We drive out of Chinatown and head back toward Tina’s apartment.

“There is just one thing missing,” I say.
“What is that?” Tina asks.
“We never got to watch the home movie.”
“I am sure we still have time for that unless you are tired?” she asks.
“When have I ever been tired?” I feel slightly amused at everything.
“I suppose you are right, but I need a shower first,” she says.

We begin to near Tina’s apartment. I scan the streets in case that damned red car of Molly’s just happens to be lurking somewhere. So far, the coast seems to be clear, and she turns into the back alleyway.

“You’re getting paranoid about that car,” she says.
“I know, I can’t help it. I feel relaxed from the wine and paranoid. ”
“Has she scared you?” Tina asks.
“I am not sure, it feels bizarre. Just over a couple of days she has already slashed my tire and followed me. It’s a new level of weird I’m not used to.”
“We can always go to the cops about her?” Tina says.
“I don’t have proof, it is only when she fondled me in the gym that I saw her close up, all the rest she has done out of sight.”
“She might get fed up and move on to someone else,” Tina says. “Let’s hope so.”
“I was thinking about not going to the gym.”
“No, don’t do that, it will just make her frustrated and want you even more,” she says. “Just do your normal routine.”

It is typical. We are only a hundred yards from Tina’s apartment and the rain starts. It is lashing it down. I see the drops as they fall under the lights in the alley.

“We are going to get soaked,” I say. “Fuck.”
“We will have to make a run for it,” Tina says.

We get out of the car and run fast to the end of the alley. A small red car pulls up and stops. I grab hold of Tina and push her against the wall. The car sits there.

“Don’t make a sound,” I whisper.

My body pushes on Tina’s. I feel her heart racing as her breasts push firmly into my chest. Her hot breath blows across my neck as I turn my head to watch the red car. The rain pours over us as we stand in silence. The car slowly drives away.

I look into Tina’s hazel eyes. She gazes back, and I can see the vulnerable side of her. I lean forward, and our lips lock. Rain cascades over our bodies. I pull at the buttons on her blouse, I free her voluptuous breasts from her wet bra. My lips purse around her rain-soaked nipples. I feel her erect nipples harden more as my tongue swirls and dances over her perfect skin.

Tina grabs my hair and holds my head close to her body. Her hand drops to the zipper of my pants and slowly slides deep inside my shorts. I feel her fingers as she pulls my aching bulge from my pants and slowly starts to stroke my shaft.

I sigh as she teases my hardness with her fingers.
“Oh Fuck,” I say, breathless.

I push Tina’s breasts together and feel her nipples have hardened with desire.

“We can’t do it here,” Tina says.
“Why not?”

Tina laughs quietly. “I can’t get my jeans off, they are soaked.”

I stand away from Tina and push my hardening cock back into my pants. She quickly buttons her blouse. We run to the end of the alley and open the door of her apartment building.
We move to her bathroom, water drips from our clothes. We help each other undress as we wait for the warm water from the shower to flow.

“What about watching the home movie?” Tina asks.
“I am sure we don’t need that, tonight.”
“You are my best friend… with benefits,” she says, smiling.”

Hi everyone, here is my latest snippet from Book 4 of The Billionaires Temptations Series… Orlando is a total, naughty hottie! Hope you love it! Love and light always, Annalise xxx