Why I Love to Write by Author Annalise Wells - Annalise Wells

Why I Love to Write by Author Annalise Wells

When asked why I love to write, by my friends, colleagues, and family, I find it easy to answer. Except… I always answer that question with questions. Plural… lol!

I say,
“Why do you love the sun?”
“Why do you love your children?”
“Why do you love your garden?”
“Why do you love the rain?”
“Why do you love chocolate with strawberries and cream?”

I guess it’s kinda who I am. I get to fantasize and mess around with my words like a chef would with his or her culinary delights. I get to do that with yummy words.

It really isn’t just one reason. It’s lots and lots of them rolled into one. And best of all, writing makes me feel happy, excited, and I love to gift my readers a kick… or a shock! And that’s fine, too. Aha! I love doing that! My creation is made just for you! My awesome readers…
“What do you love?”
Do that!