Busy as a Beaver! - Annalise Wells

Busy as a Beaver!

Gosh, I just love how life gives you five billion things to do. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, kids, friends, and family as well. Then there are the bills, the books you HAVE to read, and the normal everyday maintenance of just being human; brushing teeth, showering, eating, doing stuff, sleeping, then rinse and repeat.

Gosh, so then after all of that, you have your job, a car, a house, and all the things that come with that!!! Wowsers, it’s just totally crazy, sometimes. Especially if you have kids because they definitely take up sooooo much of your time.

So, this week, I am telling everyone to take just 20 minutes (or more) out of each day just to rest. You can sit quietly, lay down, have a yummy bubble bath, or even meditate for a while (if that’s your thang).

Every day, I am going to be mindful of taking care of me. This week I am going to soak my feet in warm water and close my eyes and drift away. I might think up some naughty new hot guy for my next book… that could be very nice!!! Aha.

Anyway, my feet are calling, so I’m going to soak them for a while. Adding a pinch of salt and some lavender oil for good measure. Now I can totally float away and think about someone very naughty… at least ’till the cell phone rings. I might switch it off. Yep, that will work…

Take time for you. You are more than amazing!!

I love you all so very much, lots of love and big hugs, Annalise xxx