Wet Wednesday - Annalise Wells

Wet Wednesday

Something big is about to go down. Beau, Shona, Callie, Ty, and Joseph are in big, huge, massive trouble. I’m going to have to work my magic so things can get back to normal, it seems. Then I can get back to my life purpose, know what I mean?

Okay, so I really like being cheeky. Alright, I absolutely, positively, can’t help it… I LOVE it. But that’s my job, to give steamy pleasure to billionaire men. The super, big spending kind. Stacey’s my name and I’m pretty naughty by nature! That’s right, wink wink! Oh, and I kinda have a thing for girls too… sshh let’s keep that just between you and me, alright? Great!

This time I’ve got my sights set on Joseph… he’s my Wet Wednesday guy. I just need him to see that I wanna be his full-time girl all the time. I know exactly what he needs, and he definitely knows all the right moves and just what to do, to get my motor running. “Aha, yep, I’m always wet for my Wednesday boy!”

  • Available: 12th of July 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells
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