Thirsty Thursday - Annalise Wells

Thirsty Thursday

How can he be that damn good looking? Seriously, Orlando is my perfect toy-boy… but I think I’m actually falling for him. Hard. There hasn’t been much time for play lately because the dreaded enemy, “The Kingmaker” is still out there, somewhere. The lives of the others are involved now, more than ever. I’ll need to use my gut instinct on this one.

Looks like there’s going to be some new things coming… another club, a perfectly timed murder, and some hot, hot, hot male dancing. Oh, then there’s the clown thing. That’s making everything worthwhile… you gotta love that kind of fun, even through all of the drama.

But how will I get away from all the problems unscathed? It seems that everyone might be in the firing line, especially if things don’t go precisely as planned. But when I’m not the target… I’m gonna look for my own kinda trouble with my toy-boy… the Italian stallion that wants just me… I’m his Thirsty Thursday girl… his naughty, cheeky addiction. God yeah!


  • Available: 8th of August 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells
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