Sexy Saturday (The Billionaires Temptations Book 6) - Annalise Wells

Sexy Saturday (The Billionaires Temptations Book 6)

Sometimes, you just get sent something truly wonderful. Or lots of things, actually. Last year, I was a dealer in Vegas, and I helped to bail my best friend out of trouble. Poor Alex!

During the time of his hardship, I thankfully met Bell, for the very first time. With all the money Alex won from the deal… he let us have a fun holiday together, in sunny Jamaica, before telling us about his awesome plans in Vegas! We’ve gotten to know each other really well. Intimately, I guess you could say.

So, wow… now, I’ve got the hottest girl of my dreams, and I’m about to start a wicked club in Vegas. And we are even moving in… together! But there are a few weird things planned for us along the way, it seems. Shopping… a swinger’s club… and something else that’s definitely gonna freak me out!

I met my gorgeous girl on a Saturday. Bell is gonna have to be my hero. “Love ya Bell… darling!”


  • Available: September – 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells
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