Maniac Monday - Annalise Wells

Maniac Monday

He had Shona on Mondays…

The stage was set and every girl knew her place and the part they had to play. Beau Rochford was one of the girls’ favorites. He was sexy, smart and liked to pleasure the girls… he got off on it. He would make them cum three times before he even thought about bedding them.

He gave them gifts and tips and spoke about his wife that was not interested in a romantic relationship with him at all. It was sad really, the whole scenario. A totally ineligible bachelor coming to Tina’s Place to get what he couldn’t get at home. Sex and conversation with some of the most beautiful girls he had ever laid his eyes on.

He had Shona on Mondays, Cally on Tuesdays, Stacey on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays he opted for a different choice. Picking one out of a hat. The girls always waited with baited breath as he chose. He was such a gentleman… and a total bad boy in the bedroom. Every girl’s biggest fantasy. With a ripped body and a massive member that pleasured them all six nights a week.

His wife couldn’t care less where he was. So, he told her he was “working” on a big project. And that wasn’t a lie, because these girls were part of a personal project for him. But not even Tina’s girls knew what it was… not yet, anyway. Beau was a beauty that loved them all.

Every curve, every moan and every, “Yes!” that they panted in the privacy of the rooms. Manic Mondays were his favorite. Because it was Shona all the way. His c*ck rose immediately at the sight of her. She was naughty and he liked playing those kinds of games… the kind you don’t tell Mom about! Mhm…

  • Available: 29th of june 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells

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