Fantasy Friday - Annalise Wells

Fantasy Friday

Drop-dead gorgeous Alex was recently contacted by his cousin Shona. She willingly offered him a position to open the new (raunchy and very naughty) adult’s only club. A place that’s fun, cheeky, and altogether yummy, right in the heart of beautiful Jamaica. It’s there that he meets a girl at the bar who is hot… so hot, in fact, it’s possible that even straight women might be attracted to her amazing beauty in more ways than one.

Over time, events unfold and Alex’s gambling addiction takes hold of him; he tries desperately to win back the money Shona has given him for the business project. Thankfully, divine intervention intervenes, and with the help of the mysteriously talented Brooke, they get drawn together and manage to win some of the money back.

Later, Alex ends up going missing, and the beautiful Brooke decides she’s not going to rest until she finds him. She moves without hesitation to search for her new and gorgeous love interest. With the help of Bell and some much-needed luck, they might be lucky enough to find him… and what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica.

  • Available: September – 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells
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