Dirty Fantasy - Annalise Wells

Dirty Fantasy

Maryanne Porter was a good girl. She wanted to make a real difference in the community and abroad.

Her beloved and compassionate strategies regarding equality for all humans and animals fed her desire to give back to the world. But her study of law and her job at the cafe were both about to be interrupted by a man with the means and the heart-filled desire to change the inequalities in their own city.

The sunny, busy city that never sleeps… good old New York. But what else could a billionaire want from her? Jamie had everything that money could buy. The cars, the clothes, the million dollar apartments, the holidays and a thriving, famous business as well. He wanted for nothing, except to be with her. The untamable woman of his dreams. The beautiful Maryanne Louise Porter.

But Jamie needed his plan to work because he had a thing for being an alpha dominant male. A desire and a fantasy that would send her world into a real spin. She would become his dirty fantasy. There was nothing she could do to say, “No.” Her body was already in love with this amazing and sexy mystery man.

Her time with him would be the naughtiest, most thrilling experience she had ever had. Jamie Wallis was a billionaire bad boy… a rich and sexy man with one hell of a plan. Here two worlds would collide and ignite. Yes! This was going to be the most erotic dirty fantasy fulfilled in real life…

  • Available: 17th June 2017
  • Published by: Aannalise Wells