Bad Cop (The Virgin's Guardian Book 3) - Annalise Wells

Bad Cop (The Virgin’s Guardian Book 3)

From the moment she came back from the mafia kidnapping, I knew she was mine. I’d looked lovingly into her sparkly blue eyes, and I knew she was the only girl for me. The gorgeous, self-righteous, love of my life. Despite my heartbreak, I’d suffered in the years before, Paige Morgan would always be my forever girl.

Of course, I didn’t see it coming. Hindsight is one of those ridiculous, annoyingly-obvious reminders that make you slap yourself right in the face… after the fact. We’d saved her already from the hands of the mafia and everything was “Comin’ up roses,” until it happened all over again. This time for a whole different reason. It’s like she’s got a sign on her back that says, “Take me!” or “I love being kidnapped!”

In truth, I don’t really think any of us saw it coming… that’s the way it happens, sometimes. So, now I’m going to partner up with the biggest mafia operation that ever ran New York City; the powerful, nearly loveable, infamous Sorrenti family. We’re gonna search high and low for my girl Paige… and for Becky who got caught up in the mix, somehow.

This time she’s gonna be my forever girl… if no one tries to stuff things up! This is gonna get really interesting; I’ll definitely catch this guy… and the damn horse he rode in on! I’m gonna be a bad cop, well a bad ex-cop. Just try and stop me!

  • Available: September – 2017
  • By: Annalise Wells
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