All the right moves - Annalise Wells

All the right moves

Dani Tolliver wants to make it on her own. She knows how much it takes to win… big million dollar clients. She’s willing to work her sweet ass off to do it for as long as she needs to. Yep! All day and all night long, burning the candle at both ends. All she needs to do now is win over her biggest potential client… the famous millionaire, Carson Noelle. He’s in need of a super duper computer whizz that can make his business rock, even more than it does already. And she’s just the girl who can do it.

But is it possible that two people can click so well? I mean business and pleasure shouldn’t mix… unless they do. But how do you work day and night and still hold onto the most important person in your life? Can you really have everything you want, hook line and sinker? One thing’s for sure… Dani Tolliver is going to mix everything together, then shake it up twice, then three times or maybe more. Then she’ll do it all over again… just to prove it to herself. 

“Hold on Carson, Dani’s gonna rock your world

  • Available: 6th October 2010
  • Edited by: Jane Smith
  • Published by: Books

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