The Billionaires Temptations: Teaser Tuesday - Annalise Wells

The Billionaires Temptations: Teaser Tuesday

Hi girls! Here is a preview from my new Series, The Billionaires Temptations. This book is Book 2 and is called “Teaser Tuesday.” It’s the second book in the naughty series… I really hope you love it!

“I miss it you know,” I say as I face Shona.

“Miss what?” she asks.

“Pleasing men, I used to have power. What is between my legs gave me the ultimate of control over men,” I say.

Shona looks at me and smiles, “I know what you mean sort of, but for me, it was slightly different. I was new, and Beau came in so soon.”

“I’m thinking of going back into it, sort of part time,” I say.

“Are you crazy, I thought you were glad to see the back of it?” Shona snaps mildly.

“I am, well, I was. But now, I miss that thrill, knowing you’re filling a desire and a man is dragging you off to the room,” I say.

It was only the one rough event that had freaked me out. Ty, we’d since found out was the third triplet. Beau and Joseph were born on one day and then an hour later on the following day. Ty had come screaming and kicking into the world.

Shona had thought I’d started to have feelings for Joseph, and if you look at them all being identical, I guess I had feelings for all of them. It was the mentality that was different. Beau and Joseph seemed so in control of what they were doing. Ty on the other hand always appeared to be left behind. He was the underdog of the three, and I just fucking loved the underdog.

Joseph was cool to talk to, for business, but he had no real edge. Ty was a real edgy motherfucker; he knew the streets, he embraced the depravity. He did that, instead of trying to rise above it. He wanted to be part of it, and he wanted to control it.

I loved that in a man, ones who were not afraid of their past, and had no reason to escape from it.

It was Ty that I was attracted to. He had shown his face a few times, and he had noticed me. I wanted him to make a move, but I think he realized what he had done at Tina’s and was ashamed.

“I have a little secret to tell you,” I say to Shona.

“What is that?” Shona asks.

“Well you know, you keep pushing me towards Joseph?” I ask.

“Yeah, you get on well together,” Shona replies.

“Purely business… there is no spark,” I explain.

Shona looks at me puzzled and screws up her brow, “So what are you trying to tell me?” she asks.

I take hold of Shona’s hand and look into her eyes, “Don’t go mad at me. Okay?”

“Okay… what is it?” she asks.

“Ty, it’s Ty that I’m attracted to,” I reply.

“Jesus Christ Cally, can you make things any more awkward?” she says. She rolls her eyes.